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World RX 2019 – good and bad news

Don Pablo 11 March 2019

In recent days, there was an official list of permanent drivers, which we will see in the full season of the FIA World Rallycross Championship 2019. There were several surprises. It caused different reactions. It also revealed what cars we will see in World RX. Season 2019 is criticized for many reasons – track selection, lack of interest of manufacter teams, commercialization. What do we think about World RX 2019? Is the entry list strong? Is rallycross championship moving in the right direction?

Entry list – World RX 2019

We are surprised by the titles of many articles! QUALITY 2019 ENTRY LIST / STRONG ENTRY LIST etc. In 2018, we had more teams with manufacters support, there were more known names in the World RX 2018. Nobody then had to emphasize the quality of the entry list. In the 2018 season it was obvious. World RX 2019 promises to be better than we thought but it isn’t good at all. There is definitely no progress compared to the previous year. We will see only one driver from the top five of the previous season. There will be no Kristoffersson, Solberg, Ekstrom or Loeb.

Entry list | Permanent drivers in World RX 2019

The biggest surprise? Andreas Bakkerud and Liam Doran will lead Audi S1 for Monster Energy RX Cartel. Two great drivers have returned to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Andreas Bakkerud finished the 2018 season in fourth place. Now he has an appetite for the title of the world champion. If Liam Doran will have an identical car, he can thwart plans of his teammate. Team Hansen’s cooperation with Max Pucher is growing! First, the drivers announced their start in GRC Europe. It turns out that we will see them also in World RX 2019 as Team Hansen MJP.

It was a great moment when Kenneth and I decided to do more together in 2019, as we have an almost similar vision for the future of rallycross. Kenneth worked really hard on this, and I am very glad that Team HANSEN MJP is now a part of World RX. I look forward to more rallycross than ever in 2019.
Max J. Pucher – Owner, MJP Racing

World RX 2019 Teams

The GC Kompetition World Rallycross team has revealed a four-car line-up for its 2019 programme. The squad will run as two separate permanent teams this year, with the main outfit complemented by GCK Academy. Team owner Guerlain Chicherit will be joined by two-time European Rallycross Champion Anton Marklund in a pair of the Renault Megane RS RXs introduced last season. GCK Academy will field a pair of Renault Clios RS RXs for Cyril Raymond and Guillaume De Ridder. We have informed you about GRX Taneco before. Timur Timerzyanov and Niclas Gronholm will drive Hyundai i20 WRX. Janis Baumanis will represent the STARD team, which can count on Ford Performance support this season. We still don’t know the second driver from this team. The list is supplemented by Timo Scheider (Seat Ibiza), Rokas Baciuska (Skoda Fabia), Oliver Bennet (Mini) and Krisztian Szabo representing EKS SPORT.

Tracks – World RX 2019

The first round of the season will be held at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit on the first weekend in April. It’s the most expensive Formula 1 track in the world. A track plan has recently appeared with this cool GRX Taneco video:

These types of decisions cause a lot of negative votes. Rallycross is focused on commercialism and money. The rounds are reminiscent of great music events where car competition begins to play a supporting role. The new track is not creative. It’s just big money and following in the footsteps of Formula One. The same goes for the Silverstone track.The magnificent, historic Lydden Hill track has been abandoned! World Championship without the first rallycross circuit in the world? Transferring the British round to the Formula 1 circuit? Sad. Montalegre is also missing in the calendar! Many people think that this is the best rallycross track in the world. Not for the World RX 2019 organizers. Fortunately, the competition will take place in Hell, Loheac and Holjes…

Don Pablo

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