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RWD, FWD CARS +2000cc

Rally Cars & Global Rallycross sport cars RWD, FWD +2000cc for sale

Are you a rallycross driver looking for a new season car? Or maybe you want to try your hand at RWD car class. Rear-wheel cars are mostly associated with drift, but they are also very fast on the track. BMW E36 RWD is a Polish class RWD Rallycross car.

Rallycross RWD for sell or FWD +2000?

The SuperNational group is also called Super Touring. Cars have front- or rear-wheel drive. RWD and FWD cars have different sport engines. Rallycross SuperNational cars for sale are a huge selection of cars such as Suzuki Swift, Citroen C4, Volkswagen Golf, Skoda Fabia 2000+, Audi S1 TouringCar.

SuperNational for sale 

Regional championships and rallycross competitions around the world have their own class divisions. FWD Cars +2000 are very fast at the start, while RWD Cup cars get better and more spectacularly into the corners. Buy a car with rear-wheel drive and take part in SuperNational + 2000 or SuperTouring 2000+ class competitions

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