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Rallycross 2020: calendar, news, expectations

Don Pablo 7 January 2020


We are starting the new year. The new decade in the history of rallycross will bring huge changes, especially in the power units of RX cars. Projekt E will be held parallel to the rounds of the World RX, it will become the main class in several years. What do we know about World RX, Titans RX and Oponeo Rallycross 2020?

World RX 2020

11 rounds will be organized at World RX. Abu Dhabi has entered the calendar again. The season finale will be organized again in Cape Town. There was no track from Great Britain on the calendar. World RX 2020 will make its debut in Saint Petersbourgh! We have bad news for Estering fans! Nurburgring replaced the classic Estering RX on the 2020 calendar.

World RX 2020 Calendar

FIA World Rallycross Championship 2020 Calendar

What drivers and teams will we see? Team Hansen MJP will definitely want to defend their world title. Andreas Bakkerud and RX Cartel have an appetite for the championship and we will most likely see them in the 2020 season. There is no indication that GRX Taneco, GCK RX and ESMotorsport will give up the competition. For now, nothing is known about the plans of other drivers. The future of Johan Kristoffersson is uncertain. We hope he returns to rallycross! Niclas Gronholm presented a great form in the 2019 season. He may be the black horse of the rallycross 2020 season.

Niclas Gronholm | Winner of World RX of South Africa

Niclas Gronholm – winner of Cape Town World RX of South Africa

Oponeo Rallycross 2020

Oponeo Polish Rallycross Championship 2020 will bring a lot of changes! The most important change is the expansion of the calendar with two foreign rounds (Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Two rounds will also be held at the Poznań track, which obtained a license to organize rallycross races.

The final round of the Polish Championships will take place abroad. Very interesting solution of the organizers. What’s more, the calendar has been created in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the most important rallycross events in the world! At the moment, Tomasz Kuchar is not planning to defend the Polish Rallycross Champion title in 2020. However, we can expect Zbyszek Staniszewski in all rounds of 2020 season in the SuperCars class.

#1 Tomasz Kuchar #111 Maciej Manejkowski | SuperCars | Rallycross Toruń 2019

#1 Tomasz Kuchar #111 Maciej Manejkowski | SuperCars | Rallycross Toruń 2019

The iconic “Frankenstein” BMW E30 SuperNational in the 2020 season will be led by Robert Górniak. New ladies will also join the competition in the 2020 season. More information soon on our website.

Titans RX 2020

The Titans RX series is constantly evolving. It will debut in Canada in the 2020 season. The organizers of Titans RX decided to introduce changes in their series to reduce exhaust emissions and the environmental impact of the competition. These changes were named Real E.

Titans RX 2020

Titans RX 2020

In the 2020 season, we will most likely see renewed versions of the Panther RX6s. There will be several new body versions, including Mercedes. The 2019 season was dominated by the Hansen brothers and Toppi Heikinnen. Will this change in 2020?

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