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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RX

Don Pablo 19 November 2019

Mikołaj Otto won the title of II Vice Champion of Poland Rallycross 2018 in the SuperCars class at the wheel of this car. Extremely fast, coping in the toughest conditions.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RX – specification

Lancer Evo 9 chassis, welded and lightened
Custom cages T45 roll cage
Modified front and rear McPherson mounts
Front cross member bolted and made of tubes
Kevlar roof
All body panels made of Kevlar

Forged pistons – CP
Ford rods – Manley Turbo Tuff
Ford Crank – K1 technologies – light version
Block with orings
King Racing bearings
ARP Bolts
Dynamically balanced
Larger oil pan
CNC ported head
Supertech Inconel valves
Supertech valve guides
Cosworth valve springs
Cosowrth cams

Lots of other small but important modification to oil system, coolant system and timing.

Engine produces 585-590hp and 860Nm with 45 mm restrictor on panta fuel. Can be check on any dyno before buy.
Engine is redy for 850-900hp with bigger turbo.

Current Turbo – Borg Warner EF7163 V-band with modified compressor wheel
Custom exhaust manifold TOMSON Motorsport
Turbosmart external waste gate 44 mm with water cooling
Light weight exhaust with CAT – 70 mm

Intercooler custom TOMSON Motorsport with Bell Intercoolers core
Custom TOMSON Motorsport turbo restrictor 45 mm

Rear radiator with high efficientsy cores
2 electric water pump

Sequential gearbox – 6 speed – Maktrak/SGS transmision. Fully rebuild, 80% new parts with 2 final drive ratios.
Xtreme 2 discs clutch with light flywheel plus spare discs
Front diff Cusco and spare front diff with Rallieart diff
Rear diff with Kaaz and spare rear diff with Rallieart diff
Upgreded front diff housing with Drenth
Central Diff ACD with modified housing x 2
Drive Shaft Shop aluminum driveshaft
Drive Shaft Shop half shafts
OEM 17” wheels x 12

All drive train parts serviced and magnafluxed every 3 rounds. Complete second set of front, central and rear diffs.
There is nothing You can add to Evo9 drive train to make it stronger. Runs with out any issues full season in super cars.

Ohlins TTX/TPX ferquently seviced.
3 sets of springs with different ratios
Tabular Front cross member
Aluminum front wishbones custom made with different geometry and uni balls
Custom, adjustable front sway bar
Front suspension is custom made with different geometry
Tabular rear cross member, wishbones with uniballs
Whiteline sway bar
All wheel bearings new

Motec M150 with Evo 9 packaged and diff control. Level 2 logging, LTC, EGT module. 5 ACD maps, 2 ALS, 9 different launch RPM and BOOST settings, 5 engine power maps.
Steering wheel panel with all the settings
All possible sensors installed including AFR, EGT, KNOCK, FUEL Temp, Ethanol content, ACD press and even coolant return from radiator.
GPS 20hz with G-sensors
Ecumaster 5” color display with real time lap timing and 6 pages of data
Ecumaster PMU power managment unit and CAN keypad
Mil-spec wiring loom

ATL fuel cell
All fittings motor sport grade
Bosch 044 fuel pump
Ethanol content sensor
Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator

Tilton 600 pedalbox
Tilton break pumps
Brembo dual circuit hand break pump
Wilwood 6 pistons calipers with 330 mm lightweight discs front
Wilwood 4 pistons calipers with 310 mm lightweight discs rear

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RX – gallery

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RX

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