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Mattias Ekstrom will start at Spa

Don Pablo 16 April 2019

2016 FIA World Rallycross Champion Mattias Ekstrom has entered the Spa World RX of Benelux, round three of the 2019 season in his championship winning Audi S1 quattro.

“I really love that car and always did. I will enjoy driving it to the limit like I always did, if that’s fast enough then we will go and pick up the trophy, if not then we will just smile. I don’t have a livery fixed yet but I will post a white car on my social media and let the fans come with some ideas.” – Ekstrom

JC Raceteknik Audi S1 quattro

Sweden’s Ekstrom will make his World RX comeback with the JC Raceteknik team in a two car line-up, racing alongside Belgium’s Enzo Ide. In his five year World Rallycross career, Ekstrom won 10 events and stood on the podium 22 times.

Ekstrom car for FIA World Rallycross Championship

Ekstrom car for FIA World Rallycross Championship

“Being on the sofa at home watching Abu Dhabi I started to imagine racing again and going through Eau Rouge at 200km sideways. It started to become very tempting. I asked Joel [Christoffersson, JC Raceteknik owner] if he was interested that I could use my old championship-winning car. If that wouldn’t have been the case I think I wouldn’t have done it. It will be nice to just to go to do a race for fun and enjoy it, because when you do a sport at factory level you have responsibility and you’re obliged to a lot. When you go there for the enjoyment, still for the fans and to put on a good show, for sure I will want to win the race no discussion, but it’s way different to do a wildcard entry verses a full championship,” explained Ekstrom.

Audi S1 – Mattias Ekstrom

The double DTM champion will use the race to help Euro RX team JC Raceteknik gain experience on its World RX debut, and has offered fans the opportunity to design this livery for the car through his social media.

“On the one side it’s a big pleasure to race, but also to share a bit of experience with someone who’s starting a new chapter. I would like to give my experience to Joel and his team that they can have a good start with the cars” .

Design a Mattias car

Ekstrom encourages its fans to create a design of his car. Your project can appear at the World Rallycross Championship! Imagination is your only limit!

Don Pablo

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