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Lydden Hill

GF 16 March 2018

Length of the track: 1,335 km (with Joker lap: 1,420 km)
Surface: 60% Asphalt, 40% Gravel
Turns: 3 left, 4 turn right

The track was created in 1955 with the help of Astra Motor Club. On February 4, 1967, Rallycross was born in Lydden Hill. Since 1973, the European Rallycross Championship has been regularly held there. Currently, the track is not losing popularity. The FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, FIA European Rallycross Championship, MSA British Rallycross Championship, Lord of Lydden, BHP Performance Show, Lydden Hill Truck Festival and British Drift Championship take place regularly. Confirmed that the 2018 season of the Global Rallycross Championship will take place on this historic track!

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