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BMW M3 E46 – S54B32

Don Pablo 19 November 2019

A very powerful, recognizable BMW car, competing in the SuperNational + 2000 class as part of the Oponeo Polish Rallycross Championships 2018 and 2019. Michał Kuna took him 4th place in the 2019 season and really did not divide him from the podium finishing the season.

BMW M3 E46 – specifications

Exhaust with catalyst at the end, 100 dB at 4500 rpm
Oil radiator
Coolant radiator moved to cars’ rear. 2 SPAL fans – no problems with overheat.
Electric water pump
ECU Ecumaster EMU Black
412 HP 370 Nm

Light flywheel
Clutch Sachs Performance
Gear box ZF 5 gears
Shifter IRP – top model
Transmission shaft M3 E46
Driveshaft M3 E46
Differencial 210
Differencial ratio 4.44 BMW Motorsport
LS Griper RX setup

Suspention, brakes and steering:
Protlum Race RX spec
Transverse Rear suspension arm – regulated
Longitudinal rear suspension arm BMW M3
Quick Steering 1:1,5
Brakes: 325 mm front, 320 mm rear
Brake pads Ferodo DS2500
Brake force

Car body and interior:
Roll cage Ireco Motorsport
Engine cover, trunk cover,front Finders, rear door from low weight material (laminate)
Policarbonate glasses 5 mm
Weigth 1230 kg
Mass distribution 51 / 49
Seat moved maximally backward
Interior adapted to move seat backward
Pedalbox OBP
Professional electric installation
Low weight dashboard
C2R2 heater – prevents steamy glasses
Bimarco Grips seat, RRS belst – all approvals valid
Datta loger
Display Ecumaster ADU 7″

BMW M3 E46 – S54B32 – gallery

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BMW M3 E46 – S54B32

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