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R&D 6 Speed Type 9/T5 Ford Sierra Escort Mk2

R&D 6 Speed Type 9/T5 Ford Sierra Escort Mk2

11 October 2021
by MichaelRal
Published: 11 October 2021 (2 weeks ago)

R&D 6 Speed Type 9 Dog Box Race/ Rally Ford Sierra Escort Mk2 in perfect working order.
I bought this gearbox for a project had it stripped and inspected with any parts it needed it had then went down a different gearbox route so this is surplus to requirements now.
6 speed dog box with the stronger transit type output flange

H pattern gearbox
ratios are as follows:
1st 2.68
2nd 1.89
3rd 1.63
4th 1.4
5th 1.34
6th 1
Perfect for Mk2 rally car or a big power Sierra Escort road car.

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