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Gearbox Peugeot Sport ML 6

Gearbox Peugeot Sport ML 6

13 October 2020
by OvaloDirtTrack
Published: 13 October 2020 (1 week ago)

Peugeot Sport 6-speed ML gearbox with bell for XU engine.
Approval 306 A.5510
1st 13/42 -2nd 16/40 -3th 18/36 -4th 21/35 -5th 23/33 -6th 24/31 -Final 12/50
JB3 bridge outputs 27 splines
Convertible to sequential with the Sman kit
Sending possible.
Photos and information on request.
Ideal for mounting: 306 maxi, 306 kit car, 205 maxi, 309 maxi, PTS, F2000, rally, circuit, slalom, competition, Peugeot Sport, XU9J4
Gear Box Peugeot Sport for 306 group A with XU engine clutch.
Dog Gear Box ML 6 specific homologation sheet.
Shipping eveywhere by transport

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